Software consultancy services

Software consulting services in our concept are primarily understood as the process before custom production of custom software, which involves collecting requests from the client, introductory and system analysis. In addition to general consulting services in the field of custom software development, we also specialize in consulting (implementation and service) services in enterprise business / accounting (ERP) systems.

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Consultation services are mainly the following preparatory phases:

  • Collection of requests
    This activity is crucial in the preparation of each analysis. Without detailed customer requirements, it is very difficult to achieve the right goal of the project. That is why we spend enough time on goals, priorities, algorithms of calculations, relevant standards, etc., so that the result of the project is 100%.
  • Initial analysis
    The aim of the initial analysis is to map and describe current processes, or the existing information system. The resulting document with the design and description of the solution serves the contracting authority as a basis for further decision making.
  • System analysis
    System analysis is independent on the platform and serves to model application logic. UML language standards are used to capture the logical model of the upcoming application / project, as well as prototype user interface designs.

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